IMDB: 6.8/10 18,612 votes

Durata: 99 min


Anno: 09 May 2008


Premi: 1 nomination.

Budget: 7000000$

Stato: Released

Paese: USA


College life is no party and friends Maggs (Danna Garcel) and Koko (Maricar Fernandez) know this very well. They receive support from their respective families for their education, which, unfortunately, is not enough to pay for numerous school fees and requirements.
To augment their meager allowance, they try looking for jobs. But because they are underqualified, Maggs and Koko get rejected at every company that they apply to.Tired, frustrated, and desperate, they turn to the oldest profession to continue their studies. Their friend, Sarah, who is a call girl, warns them about the dangers of the trade. And it doesn’t take long for Maggs and Koko to realize that Sarah is so right, but by then, it’s too late to back out already.
Realistic, edgy, sexy, U-Belt also stars sexy actresses Michelle Estevez and Aleck Bovick and features powerful performances from acclaimed actors Rez Cortez, Bembol Roco, and Ian de Leon.


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